Welcome to the World of Deena Safari

Here there be unicorns.

Welcome to the World of Deena Safari

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Writing Schedule.

I've never been very good at organization. I hate cleaning and cooking solely because they require steps and planning and I hate that. UGH. So of course I'm a writer, which requires planning and eventual organization to make any sense at all. But hey, everyday's a new day, and maybe this is…

My Eyes are Up Here.

One of the most detrimental things about living in a social media saturated/internet-crazed society is how easy it is to get depressed. As a writer, I'm even more aware of it than a normal person. As an author, I'm acutely attuned. Depression is a dark force, and it's always got the jump…

All the Things.

As a writer, one of the first pieces of advice we're handed when we start writing is "don't try to be all things to all people." In layman's terms, it means don't be one of those writers claiming your work is for everyone. Basically, a romance writer shouldn't be pandering to horror…