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Welcome to the World of Deena Safari

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Halloween Goodies!

In celebration of Halloween, I'm going to share my must-watch list of Halloween-themed movies and shows. I literally cannot get through October without watching all of these AT LEAST once. So, without further ado, here's some of the best Halloween goodies out there. 8. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow -…


{This is going to be a messy post, so just bear with me. Things won't flow as well as they usually do, but I'm emotional at the moment and don't have the patience to structure this!} I weighed 16 pounds less a month after giving birth to my daughter than…

Indie Author Day

Today is the inaugural Indie Author Day! It's tough being an indie author out there in a sea of millions of books, but today is a wonderful time to "zoom in" and get to know some indie authors in your neck of the woods. Go to indieauthorday.com and find out…
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